The Easier Way in Print Marketing: Commercial Digital Printing

Printing technology has saved humankind from the tedious task of writing for the masses. The evolution of printing techniques through centuries according to the global population’s requirements has made it an indispensable part of today’s world. Commercial digital printing, in this respect, is one of the most advanced and competent printing technologies available in the market.

What is Commercial Digital Printing

While digital printing is the process of printing a text or image from a digital source directly onto a page using a high-speed inkjet or high volume laser printer, this variant of digital printing is done for commercial purposes.

How Is It Different From Offset Printing?

An offset printer uses an aluminium plate to transfer a text or image onto a rubber blanket, which on rubbing on paper creates the impression of the desired text. On the other hand, the working of a commercial digital printer does not involve plates. The plates are a significant drawback of the offset printer as each plate is made for a specific purpose and cannot be used for any other purpose.

Who Can Make Use of Commercial Digital Printing?

In this technologically advanced world, business organisations are privileged enough to choose any commercial printing technique according to their needs and preferences. In this regard, this type of printing is ideal for short-run business companies as it enables them to add personalisations at a reasonable price. Using this type of printing, companies can effectively promote their marketing material within their financial limits.

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What Are the Products That Can be Developed Through Commercial Digital Printing?

It can be used to produce business cards, brochures, catalogues, booklets, envelopes, flyers, announcements, newsletters, printing on t-shirts, letterheads, point of sale items, wedding cards, etc. These products can be customised according to the client’s choice.

Why Should a Company Make Use of It?

Variable Data Printing

This type of printing provides the facility to specifically address each member of the target audience by his/her name or any other details specific to them. Printing coupon codes in various discount coupons provided by certain companies is an example of variable data printing.

Short Run Printing

Commercial digital printing can be used to make copies in smaller quantities, unlike offset printing. The number of copies can be customised according to the need.

Good Quality Prints

The need to provide variable information and demand for smaller quantities does not affect the prints’ quality. The correct colour will be maintained in all the copies.

Space for Creativity

This type of digital printing is advanced enough to enable printing on any surface, in any colour and even provides the facility to attach QR codes if necessary. 


When done for small quantities, this type of digital printing can provide prints that resemble prints made from lithographic printing technique at a much reasonable rate.

Can a Business Buy Their Own Supplies?

A business company can always purchase commercial digital printers if they have enough capital as these printing equipment are quite costly. In case of lack of funds, business companies can always look for companies offering pre-owned printing supplies at a reasonable rate. Walcar Graphics is one such online store that provides both new and pre-owned printers, pre-printing, post-printing equipment and other necessary printing supplies. 

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Commercial digital printing is the perfect choice for any company wanting to print variable content in small quantities at an affordable rate.

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