Top 5 Best Dedicated Server Providers in Germany

Germany is a hub for technological and scientific growth in the present years and has some of the best innovations in the world to offer. Naturally, it is a place with high-end technological advancement and has a terrific social community online. The use of the internet goes hand in hand with technological enhancement and thus it is a vital part of everyday life in Germany.

The internet has successfully brought people closer and given people an open community to reach just about anyone. Thus, in recent years, lots of development has been witnessed in e-commerce sites, blogging websites, marketing websites, hospital services management, and so on. All such sites require are a great way to enter the online world and this is the right time to get online with your business.

However, a fundamental building block for any site is a server. There are varied kinds of server options available for you to choose from and it becomes quite difficult to understand what kind of server you would need for your site. However, choosing a server is not as difficult as it seems to be all you need is a clear picture of what you are looking for.

 The major kinds of servers are available for you to choose from our shared servers and dedicated servers. Any server that you get is either of the two kinds. A dedicated server is bound to be more efficient than a shared server can ever be. When you get a dedicated server you are getting all sorts of resources for your personal use only.

With a shared server, you own only part of an existing server wherein many other users are also tapped in. Thus there is an acute lack of resources in a shared server from time to time. However, since you are the sole user of a dedicated server, there is no worry that some other party may be taking up all your resources. This also ingrains an edge of security in the dedicated server that shared server plans miss.

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Dedicated servers are scalable as you have complete access to all the hardware entities and software applications. Thus you can also upgrade the software application in a dedicated server in any way you like which is a major constraint with a shared server plan. You will also get to run any kind of OS on a dedicated server according to your choice. With managed dedicated server plans, you don’t even have to be technologically sound to be able to use a dedicated server. But, if you are looking for a secure system with full control, you can always go for unmanaged plans.

Dedicated Server Providers in Germany

List of Top 5 Dedicated Server Providers in Germany

1. Hetzner

Hetzner has some of the best plans for servers out there. It has a global reach with offices at all corners of the world such as the USA, India, Germany, France, and so on. They have been giving exception services for over 6 years and have got themselves an admirable customer support system over the years. When you are getting a plan from Hetzner, you can be sure that they are efficient and very dependable. They have been providing seamless dedicated servers in Germany and continue to do so without too many issues.

 The finest thing about Hetzner is the variety of plans that you will find here. No matter what your need is, you will find a plan for it. If you are just starting with your blog, you can go for any of the shared server plans. If your blog is gaining an audience and a shared plan is not working for you, you can go for a VPS any time. And if you are looking for a secure server plan that is capable of taking a high load, you can as easily choose a dedicated server plan.

Hetzner also offers a host of managed and unmanaged dedicated server plans for your benefit. The managed plans are a better choice than the unmanaged plans because you get a team of experts from Serverwala only to take care of all your server’s needs. Taking care of a server requires technical knowledge and thus becomes difficult for someone who is not aware of it. If you do know about computers and how to maintain a server, then you can go for unmanaged plans. With all kinds of plans, you get to choose the exact kind of hardware that you want to support your server. You can also easily upgrade the hardware units in the future if you need to.

All the server options available with Serverwala are very secure. They carefully take care of your site’s security because they understand how important it is for you. Regular updates of the programs running your website and server ensure that you have the required security patches. You also get to choose between the OS between Linux and Windows loaded on the server depending upon what you are more comfortable with.

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2. PraHost

When you tune in to Prahost, you will stumble upon some of the cheapest dedicated server plans in Germany out there. They provide dedicated hardware facilities for you and even have expert teams who can manage the dedicated server for you. If you want to have full access and control over all your hardware and software elements, you can go for one of their unmanaged plans. Every bit of hardware and software is customizable allowing you to upgrade any time you want to.

3.  One Provider

For secure protection against malware and different kinds of cyberattacks, Oneprovider can be a great choice for you. They have affordable as well as high-end plans that can support huge multinational websites enterprises for you to choose from. With Oneprovider, you get to run an SSL-certified website that immediately ensures a higher ranking for your site. You can customize the hardware setup in any way you want to. You also get to use the software any way you want to. The resources are scalable allowing you easy updates with increasing traffic on your website.

4. Red Switches

A great thing about using any of the plans offered by Red Switches is that they run all their servers on green energy. They use renewable sources of energy to power their servers and enabling up to 99% of uptime with their dedicated server hosting in Germany. You can run your website in a safe and secure environment which is a prerequisite for running any website efficiently. Running a dedicated server can get tedious and you may need help from time to time. With them, you can get help 24/7, whenever anything goes wrong!

5. Parkin Host

The Parkin Host plans to feature some of the best features that you can ask for in a dedicated server. Good performance is a guarantee with plans that allow you to get such hardware facilities as up to 7.3TB of storage space and 2 deca core processors from the house of Intel. The hardware is also scalable such that you can upgrade over time with increasing needs. The software is also configurable to suit your needs. You can not only tap into up to 99.995% uptime but can also be sure of a very secure ride!


Dedicated servers are an essential component of running a website if you are going for a site that deals with lots of information such as a hospital services site. The security features if such sites also come in handy when you are building an e-commerce website or other sites with payment gateways. Dedicated servers indeed cost a lot and thus you should be careful when you are choosing a plan. All you have to do is be very sure of what your requirements are going to be and then only can you make a good decision. Being informed about your requirements is the best way to sort out which dedicated server plans are going to be the best for you.

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FAQ Related to Dedicated server Provider in Germany

How do I know which dedicated server provider is the best fit for my business?

To determine the best fit for your business, consider factors such as location, pricing, scalability, and support. Researching customer reviews and comparing features of different providers can also help you make a decision.

What are the average prices for dedicated servers in Germany?

The average prices for dedicated servers in Germany can vary depending on the provider and the specifications of the server. On an average the pricing can start from 50-100$ and can go upto 1000$ per month.

Are there any dedicated server providers that offer managed services?

Yes, many dedicated server providers in Germany offer managed services, which can include tasks such as server setup and maintenance, monitoring, and backups.

Can I customize my dedicated server with specific hardware or software?

Yes, many dedicated server providers allow customers to customize their servers with specific hardware or software. It’s always good to check with the provider before purchasing.

Do any dedicated server providers offer a money-back guarantee?

Some dedicated server providers may offer a money-back guarantee, but this can vary by provider. It’s always good to check with the provider for more information.

Are there any dedicated server providers that offer scalable solutions?

Yes, some dedicated server providers in Germany offer scalable solutions, allowing customers to easily upgrade or downgrade their server resources as needed.

What kind of support do dedicated server providers in Germany offer?

Support offerings can vary by provider, but many dedicated server providers in Germany offer 24/7 technical support and assistance with server setup and maintenance.

Are there any dedicated server providers that offer cloud services in addition to dedicated servers?

Yes, some dedicated server providers in Germany offer cloud services in addition to dedicated servers.

Do any dedicated server providers offer a free trial before committing to a contract?

Some dedicated server providers may offer a free trial before committing to a contract, but this can vary by provider. It’s always good to check with the provider for more information.

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