Top 6 Vitals For Mobile App Development in 2021

Just like all the other industries around us, mobile app development is also continuously evolving. There are new trends that come in and old trends that go out almost every year. And if you want to be successful at making a mobile app, then you need to familiarize yourself with these trends.

2020 has brought with itself very interesting trends that have really changed how people see mobile apps now. Here are some of the development trends that you should follow in 2021 so your mobile app can be a hit.

List of 6 Vitals for Mobile App Development

#1. Adaptation To Foldable Devices

2020 has been the year for fancier technologies. We have witnessed mobile phones and tablets that have reached the peak of innovation in terms of their design. Foldable phones have been top on that list. With the advent of this exciting new design for phones, mobile app development has come forth and ensured that they make perfect use of the presented opportunity.

Not all apps at present take into account the unique design of foldable devices. But the latest trend ensures the apps are very well adapted to phones. Special modes have been designed by app developers that allow users to make the most of their foldable screens.

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#2. Compatibility With Wearable Devices

When speaking of tech enthusiasts, we cannot ignore the rise of wearable devices in the recent past. Devices like smartwatches and fitness bands have become a very common accessory for users. According to stats, the money spent by users on wearable devices added up to more than $50 billion. And for all these users, having an app that can connect to their device is of great importance.

App developers have been working on making apps that are well compatible with these wearable devices. The aim is not only to be able to connect with the device but provide seamless functionality on it just as it would on a normal phone.

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#3. Integrating Mobile Commerce

The world has shrunk into a global village that is small enough to fit on the palms of our hands. If connecting with an old friend is at the tip of our fingers, why should our retail be any different? It is a comfort that users have been looking forward to for quite a while now.

And in 2020, it has become a trend to integrate mobile commerce into every other mobile app. This is a method that not only allows great convenience for the users but also allows the app developers to make a lot more money. Given the ease with which a user can spend, they are likely to spend a lot more than they would have without the availability of the mobile commerce option.

#4. Artificial Intelligence As a Trendsetter

While some may think that artificial intelligence is a part of futuristic technology, the truth is that the future is now. Artificial intelligence has been worked on for quite a while now. And even though its quality and competitiveness are still being worked on, it has been used in mobile apps a lot more than we realize.

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From face detection to speech recognition, artificial intelligence is very commonly integrated into mobile apps. The mobile app trendsetters in 2020 have ensured that most of their apps include all of the basic AI functions. Some developers have taken this feature to another level and gotten creative with it, while the others have kept it more simple yet extremely useful.

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#5. Tighter Security Measures

Crimes are everywhere, and the online world is not alien to it. Cybercrime has recently been raised as an alarming concern. People have noticed in all the ways that their security can be compromised over the internet, especially with the use of different apps. Therefore, security in these apps has become very important. 

An expert mobile app development company in Dubai for instance will tell you how it has become a necessity to integrate such features into mobile apps. This is why one of the trends that 2020 brought with itself was the addition of extra security measures built within apps. Professional companies, like Digital Express, Apphitect and Devicebee, can help their clients include features like two-factor authentication and the use of passwords to access different sorts of features within the app. Such measures may seem a little extra at times but are incredibly important to keep the use of the app safe and fun.

#6. Trial Modes For Maximum Convenience & Sure-Fire Success

This is a trend that has been set rather recently in the mid of 2020. A lot of users are often unsure if they really want to download an app or not. This trend has been brought forth just for users like these. Some apps allow a trial mode where users can try the app without downloading it. It is only restricted to some features, but the users get the gist of what the app has to offer. This trend has brought a lot of convenience to users, especially those who do not have enough space on their phones to download every other app.

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Mentioned above are some of the mobile app trends that we have seen this year. But remember, these are not all of them. And trends are meant to change. You never know if what you see trending today will still be as popular the next day. What is important is to be creative, and you can be setting the next trend yourself.

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