Top 5 Best Blogs For Design Inspiration

The design industry is evolving too quickly.  The most effective way to track important changes is through the lens of someone else’s perception.  Therefore, we present to you a selection of 5 electronic resources dedicated not only to ui design trends 2021, but also to various other areas.  These are the best design websites to keep you up to date with the latest trends.

Inside Design Blog

Inside Design Blog is a truly informative design blog from InVision.  As the name of the blog suggests, it will tell you all about the design as it is from the inside.  Articles are conveniently divided into categories: career, portfolio, freelance, discussion, inspiration, teams, animation, video and others.  Much of the design of a blog is about user interface.  InVision is a popular platform that offers designers everything they need to design digital products in one place.  On the site you can download tools for UI design, icon sets, mock-ups and other useful things.  From the blog, you will learn how to use these tools and be able to keep up with ui design trends 2021.

A large number of authors work on the blog.  Each of them is identified on the platform: you can read information about the author, go to his profile on social networks and subscribe to him.

Marvel Blog

The Marvel Blog is all about ideas and words about user experience, design, work and more.  The resource tells everything about website design, applications and digital illustrations.  Selected articles are published every day, so you get to know all the graphic design trends of 2021. The blog’s community of readers is over 500,000 users.  Marvel is one of the most popular electronic resources for designers.  The platform gives you access to a huge number of tools for working with photos, images and animation.  With the help of Marvel’s blog and working toolkits, you can bring any idea to life.

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The design of the blog is light and pleasant, so you won’t get tired of reading it.  It is filled with light animations when viewing article previews, subscribing to a blog, and elsewhere.  Article previews are available to tell their content, category and author.  All publications on the resource are divided into categories: point of view, news, new opportunities, designers spilling tea, and others.

IDEO Blog: The Octopus

IDEO Blog: The Octopus is the authoritative design blog.  IDEO is a global design company committed to making a positive impact.  It is a community of designers, entrepreneurs, engineers, educators, researchers, and other professionals.  The Octopus project offers an innovative designer perspective on the universe.

The main thing is human orientation.  The designer must meet the needs of the audience, solve the problems that have arisen and give answers to questions.  The blog will allow you to follow graphic design trends 2021 that create usability.

Tilda Education

Tilda Education is a digital educational web design blog.  It provides practical marketing and design guides for any electronic project.  Special attention of the blog is paid to the Landing Page design, since the landing pages should hook the visitor instantly.

A website about web design will also tell a lot about content, layout, business and SEO.  Articles are conveniently divided into categories: Design, Marketing, Inspiration, etc. The convenient interface and navigation of the site will allow you to quickly find an interesting article.

The DESK Magazine

The DESK Magazine is a really useful magazine about ad-free design.  The DESK blog is intended for independent manufacturers and those looking to expand their horizons beyond the usual design topics.  Therefore, you will not find articles like “Latest UX Trends”.  The blog is written about the things that designers care about right now.  The DESK Magazine is a great opportunity to see all the latest design trends.  Articles in the magazine are published in categories: design, efficiency, life lessons, career, advice, photography, freelance, psychology, life in New York and others.

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The design site has a stylish look, designed by its authors.  You can use the search by category, see new items or trust the recommendations.  In any case, the publications in the magazine are written by real professionals in the field of design.

Develop, read a lot, learn from other people’s mistakes, and then you will definitely achieve success in your business!

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