What are the Latest Fleet Management Trends on Safety?

Many people are getting into the fleet industry as it is quite profitable. As they get into the fleet business, the competition tends to increase. Every fleet owner or company is looking for new ways to better their services and increase productivity. 

As many of us know, safety tends to be a significant issue when it comes to fleet companies. Since most of the business is based on utilizing vehicles, accidents may happen once in a while. 

Road accidents cause a lot of losses to a given company and lives may be lost. As a result, many fleet companies are utilizing various technologies to ensure safety on the road and improve productivity. Here are some of the fleet management trends that focus on safety.


If you are into the latest trend related to fleet management, you are most likely to have heard the term “telematics.” Telematics is a trending technology where fleet managers combine informatics and telecommunication. This is utilized in monitoring the vehicles in a fleet. 

An example of how the technology is used is by utilizing GPS technology and other navigation systems. Through this, managers can find the exact location of a vehicle and monitor how it is being driven. This is crucial in preventing accidents as drivers become more responsible while on the road.


At the moment, many fleet companies are utilizing data when managing their fleets. It may come as a surprise to some that many fleet companies have been utilizing data for a long time now. Currently, many others are adopting the use of data when managing. 

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Through data analysis, companies can make safety-related strategies that are crucial in ensuring the safety of the driver while on the road. An example of how data is utilized in fleet management is by informing drivers on the best routes to take and places that might experience harsh weather conditions like heavy rainfall. Companies like Eyeride are gaining popularity by providing data-based fleet management solutions.

Autonomous Technology

There is an emerging trend in autonomous truck technology. Several car manufacturing companies are making vehicles with self-driving abilities. Though we are yet to achieve fully autonomous vehicles, some trucks are built with such technology. This includes trucks that can change lanes, self-braking, and other driving assist systems. Through autonomous truck technology, fleet companies have significantly improved the safety and productivity of their vehicles. With time, most fleet companies are going to adapt autonomous truck technology.

Video Analytics

More monitoring technology is currently being used in fleet management together with GPS technology. Fleet companies are using video analytics to monitor drivers. Vehicles in fleet companies are being fitted with video cameras that record the diver’s habits while on the road. 

Furthermore, managers can access the video at any time as they are live. This has been crucial in reducing accidents and promoting safety. Companies have also reduced their operations costs as they can reduce the total fuel consumption by stopping driving habits like speeding and idling.


Other management trends include predictive maintenance systems and dashcam monitoring technology.

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