What You Should Know About Using Proxies to Buy Sneakers

With a subculture built around collecting new, desirable and fresh models of limited edition sneakers, things might get a little hectic from time to time – and that’s fine. What’s interesting about this particular collection based subculture is their approach to purchasing the latest that the industry has to offer.

Long gone are the days of waiting patiently on an internet action – as most things today are handled through software. Sneakerheads use bots to purchase what they’re looking for, and bots need sneaker proxies.

In this article, we’ll explore sneaker proxies and define some of the most critical traits that these networks carry. 

What Are Sneakers Proxies Exactly?

Sneaker proxies are addons that sneakerheads use for their sneaker bots. Sneaker proxies are tools that sneaker bots use to improve their performance and efficiency. In short, they consist of different IP addresses that allow the bot to purchase multiple pairs of sneakers while appearing as a different person – thus successfully avoiding the purchasing restrictions.

Other reasons people use sneaker proxies is to increase their bots speed. Exceptionally rare or limited edition sneakers can get sold out in a matter of minutes after release, and optimizing bot performance increases the chances of getting that fresh new pair of kicks. If you are interested in buying sneaker proxies from reliable providers, you should check the Oxylabs website for more information. 

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Why Are They Necessary for Buying Sneakers?

Sneaker Bots are necessary for buying sneakers, and a sneaker bot without a proxy is virtually useless. Sneaker proxies allow sneaker bots to purchase multiple pairs of sneakers by appearing as different people from different geographical locations through scrambling the IP address. 

Alternatively, bots do miracles when it comes to buying up as many goods as possible. Sold out sneakers have quite the price tag – especially in resale value. 

What Types of Proxies Work Best?

There are two types of proxies that are used for sneaker bots – data center and residential.  

Data center proxies are pretty self-explanatory. They’re proxies that are held in large data centers, so they have a breakneck speed (50-150ms response time), but they come with a couple of issues. The main issue behind the data center proxies is that they don’t change the location that much. 

That means you could usher in a ban pretty quickly making you miss out on a sweet pair of new kicks. Data center proxies are very fast, making them ideal for flash sales. 

Geonode Proxies are meant to mask your IP address. Unlike data centers, they’re not centralized, and all of them seem like they’re coming from genuine addresses. 

They are slower when compared to data center proxies (300-1500ms response time), which is a necessary tradeoff if you want to avoid a soft ban. Residential proxies are a bit slower, making them ideal for longer lasting sales. 

What Are Some Common Mistakes in Proxy Use?

When it comes to using proxies for sneaker botting, there are a couple of common mistakes people make that could significantly hinder their chances of finding a new drop. Some of the most common mistakes in proxy use for sneaker bots are:

  • Using the wrong proxy on the wrong website
  • Running only one task on your proxy
  • Not accounting for proxy server location
  • Purchasing cheap and inefficient proxies
  • Not accounting for the delay
  • Being too fast with your requests
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While in the best-case scenario, these are going to make you lose out on a fresh pair of kicks – the worst-case scenario could cost you a significant amount of money. 

What Are the Costs of Using Proxies?

The cost of botting isn’t as cheap as you might have thought. Aside from having to purchase proxies for your bot, you’ll have to purchase the bot itself unless you want to build one. Bots can cost a lot of money depending on their sophistication – but they’re a worthwhile investment as long as you use them properly.

When it comes to proxies themselves, they’re nowhere near as expensive as bots. While prices are going to vary wildly between providers and proxy type, the general rule of thumb is that $15 per GB of data is a relatively affordable proxy. 

While you will inevitably stumble across cheaper options, they might not be the best on the market and could wind up costing more than they’re worth. 


Sneaker proxies are the best friends of sneaker bots, and with new kicks being released by the day – investing in this combo is a great way to ensure you’re going to get them. Sneakerbots are a relatively niche thing – so getting in on the trend while it’s still fresh could yield some fantastic results for securing your next purchase. 

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