Top 5 Website Builders to Build a Website

Website Builders are convenient and effective tools. They undoubtedly accelerate creating an efficient and excellent website, even for those unfamiliar with website coding or programming. Which website builder should you choose? Choosing the best website builder can be difficult as they differ in functionality, price, and capabilities. We’ve selected 5 of the most exciting website builders in our opinion that are worth your attention. If you are interested in starting your website, learn about the pros and cons of top website builders’ offers and choose the best solution for you. 

What criteria should you look for when choosing a website builder? 

Currently, website builders are becoming more advanced due to the growing expectations of users. There are many interesting website builders offers on the market – but all of them have their own strengths and weaknesses. How to choose a solution tailored to your needs? In our TOP 5 list of website builders, we want to make it easier for you to find the right solution for your business. We will focus on, among others on criteria such as: 

  • hosting services, 
  • price, 
  • reliability,
  • technical support, 
  • site speed, 
  • SEO, 
  • ease of use, 
  • creating templates.

List of Top 5 website builders

Which website builder should you choose to create a website tailored to your needs? We compare the offers of 5 popular website builders and present their pros and cons: 

  1. Wix

Wix is ​​one of the most popular website builders that offers a wide selection of templates. The free option already allows you to create a practical and functional website. You will get more options (e.g. connecting your own domain) and access to extensive functions only after choosing a paid Premium subscription plan. 

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Advantages of

  • creating pages using the “drag and drop” method, a
  • large selection of thematic templates,
  • connection to Google Analytics in the standard package,
  • coupons for online advertising in paid packages,


  • high prices, the
  • The lowest Premium plan has adverts on your website,
  • limited disk space.
  1. Webflow

Webflow is a slightly less known website builder, which, however, has an interesting offer with very functional solutions. What distinguishes Webflow from the competition is the ability to interfere with graphic elements – it is an ideal solution for people who have even little experience in graphic design. Unfortunately, for people without knowledge of UX Design, using this creator may be too demanding.


  • large possibilities for independent graphic design,
  • good quality servers (good read and write speeds),
  • efficient support,
  • well-functioning administration panel,


  • quite high package prices, 
  • limited free package (free plan allows only two pages and 500 visits per month).
  1. Squarespace

Squarespace offers aesthetically pleasing website designs at a high level. This builder is best for creating personal or hobby websites – ideal for bloggers, although it can also be used successfully by small businesses. 

Advantages of

  • approximately 100 ready-made templates,
  • using drag design,
  • embedded analytics


  • limited functions SEO
  • The plan gives personal features (eg. Provides free domain name),
  • no free plan

Duda creator is designed exclusively for business (not for those who want, for example, to create a website with a wedding invitation, or a website dedicated to their hobby). Moreover, Duda targets freelancers and web designers. Therefore, it is not a creator suitable for everyone who wants to create a website and is a beginner in it.

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  • 2-week free trial period
  • 100 ready-made templates to choose from, the
  • The creator has the function of creating an e-commerce store.


  • limited editing options for graphic elements, 
  • no possibility to modify sections (the block layout of modules does not give the user full control over the final appearance of the website),
  1. BOWWE

BOWWE is a multidimensional website builder, in which every person, regardless of coding skills, can create a professional website or portfolio. Sites created by the creator are fully responsive and work efficiently and quickly, and the design itself is very intuitive thanks to the drag & drop technique. 


  • A free plan with which you can create a high-quality website
  • business applications that you can integrate with your website, improving the operation of your online business
  • Resume builder with which you can create a high-quality online resume
  • Rocket SEO – fast and effective positioning, thanks to the high-quality code of pages created in BOWWE
  • Drag&Drop Creator
  • Pixel Perfect Creator
  • The unlimited number of pages – each user can build the total number of pages.
  • Protection against hacker attacks – each website is based on clean, unique code and is stored on very secure servers.


  • Fewer templates than with other website builders


After analyzing the offer of website builders available on the market, BOWWE is definitely the best choice. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, blogger, web developer, or developer, this website builder will let you create the best-optimized websites, landing pages, and more.

Find out more about how BOWWE works and check out the available templates!

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