Best Trading Apps You Should Know About

It looks like everything is becoming easier in today’s high-tech society. The process of trading used to be extremely complex but now, an entire trading platform can fit into the palm of your hand. All you need to do is download a trading app on your mobile device and you can start trading in a matter of seconds. The only problem is, how to find the app that fits all your needs and preferences? This is especially the case now when there are so many trading apps on Play Store and Apple Store. From stocks and forex to digital currencies, we bring you the best trading apps available right now.

Acorns – Invest with ease

We’ve all heard stories about people who’ve made millions investing in various assets. Now, you can begin your investing journey with just a few taps on the screen. With Acorns on your device, you can invest in seven different asset classes. The best part of it is that you don’t need thousands to get started. The app allows you to make investments in small amounts and make your way through the world of investing. You can begin by investing as little as $5 and make bigger moves once you feel more confident about your investment skills. The app is secured with a 256-bit encryption, meaning that you can start investing without worrying about your money and personal information.

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Webull – Useful features for free

Webull is an app you might want to have in your arsenal if you already have some trading experience. While not considered an educational resource, Webull can come in quite handy if you know what you’re doing. It comes with tons of useful features that may be exactly what you need to make better trades. The best part of it is that there are no commissions for any trades on the app. It’s also important to know that Webull is one of the newer apps on the market. They added crypto to the platform only recently and they’re yet to do the same with bond and mutual funds.

ThinkTrader – All the tools that you need

All traders looking for help tracking the stocks and currencies could benefit from downloading ThinkTrader on their device. Formerly known as Trade Interceptor, the app was originally only available on desktop but it has now been adapted for mobile as well. ThinkTrader comes with all drawing tools and chart types you might need to identify the best moves to make in the market. In addition, features like the app’s trading simulator and trading intelligence reports can help anyone give their trading skills a boost. Another thing the app can do is sync all professional news and prices through all the devices you use.

Robinhood – Trading made easier

Many consider Robinhood to be the best mobile trading app on the market. It started as a mobile trading app for Apple devices but is now available on Android as well. The reason why so many traders have fallen in love with this app is that it allows you to trade without paying a commission. Moreover, Robinhood comes with a relatively simple interface and makes trading easier than ever. The app is completely safe to use as it does an amazing job protecting both your assets and personal data. If you’re about to start trading, another reason to consider using Robinhood are special deals you can get. For example, referring Robinhood to a friend makes both of you eligible to receive free stocks.

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ForexTime – Learn how to trade with forex

Forex trading isn’t as simple as some people believe. You can’t just enter the market and expect to make large amounts of money right away. The best way to get started is to take some time and learn bitcoin. If you decide to do that, ForexTime might be exactly what you’re looking for. Brought to you by FXTM, this app gives new traders a chance to start with a demo account. This is more than enough to get you into the forex trading universe and learn all the basics. The app also comes with a currency convertor that makes trading significantly easier.

thinkorwswim – A digital learning center

If you’ve done your research on trading apps, you had to hear about thinkorswim. It’s one of the most popular apps among traders, especially those who’re just starting their trading journeys. thinkorswim is available on both desktop and mobile, making it the perfect option for absolutely everyone out there. The app’s most popular feature is its learning center. Whether it’s instructional videos or online courses you’re looking for, this is the app for you. What’s more, the app gives you a chance to connect with other rookie traders around and share tips and strategies with them. You can also create your virtual account to use for testing new trading tactics.

The bottom line

With all the apps on the market, trading has never been easier. Opt for any of the apps we covered in this post and you’ll know what we’re talking about. Just keep in mind that it’s all about finding the app that suits your approach the best.

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