FFXIV Pandaemonium Armor Set: Guide on How to Get Them

Pandaemonium is out, and players are racing to get their hands on Asphodelos’ Armor sets. Here is how you can get them:

FFXIV Endwalker expansion is turning out to be a massive success. Players and critics alike for praising the expansion’s storyline and its gameplay. Endwalker features the conclusion of the Warrior of Light’s epic story as players try to prevent the end of the world by fighting the apocalyptic Final Days. Gamers can now enjoy various quality content in the expansion like fighting the former primal god Zodiark and the patron goddess Hydaelyn. The expansion also has the much-awaited Pandaemonium raid. The raid presents challenging battles for the players as they clear multiple stages or circles to reach the final boss of the raid. Gamers can earn FFXIV gil and new FFXIV armor by farming Pandaemonium. 

What is Pandaemonium?

Pandaemonium is the newest dungeon raid that came along with the recent Endwalker expansion. The raid consists of four stages called circles. Each of these circles contains a stage boss that raiders will need to defeat in order to progress to the next circle. As players clear each circle of Pandaemonium, the boss of each stage will drop treasure coffers containing rewards such as FFXIV gil and tokens. The tokens are called Unsung + item piece they correspond to. The tokens are the items that will be used to acquire the gear from the raid since the bosses don’t actually drop the set pieces themselves. However, gamers can only get one token per circle each week. This mechanic inhibits the rate of how fast players can acquire Limbo armor from Asphodelos, raiding is a good alternative to buying gear on an FFXIV store

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Pandaemonium’s Limbo Armor

Asphodelos features seven different armor sets which players can acquire via Pandaemonium. These armor sets offer different roles for specific classes. Instead of focusing on providing each job with a class-specific armor, Endwalker provides a much simpler approach by sectioning each armor set for multiple classes. Here is the list of Limbo armor sets and their assigned classes:

  • Limbo Armor of Fending: Paladin, Warrior, Dark, and Gunbreaker
  • Limbo Armor of Striking: Monk and Samurai
  • Limbo Armor of Casting: Summoner, Black Mage, and Red Mage
  • Limbo Armor of Healing: White Mage, Astrologian, Sage, and Scholar
  • Limbo Armor of Maiming: Dragoon and Reaper
  • Limbo Armor of Scouting: Ninja
  • Limbo Armor of Aiming: Bard, Machinist, and Dancer

Most of these armor sets share similar styles with each other only differing in their recolors. Only the Armor of Fending does not share any similar style to the other armors. The Striking armor has a similar style to the darker recolor of the Maiming set. Meanwhile, the Casting and Healing armors have similar styles while sporting black and white-grey colors respectively. Lastly, the Armor of Scouting is very similar to the Armor of Aiming. Aside from the Unsung armor pieces, players can also receive Unsung Blade of Asphodelos from finishing the Fourth Circle. This weekly token is not yet exchangeable, but players can use it to exchange in the future to acquire an Asphodelos weapon.

Guide to Pandaemonium Gear

The loot restriction for the tokens presents a big challenge for many players aiming to acquire the raid gear fast. Raiders can only acquire four tokens a week, so completing a whole set will be at a snail pace. Gamers will have to prioritize which gear piece they will be going for first if they want to collect a whole Limbo armor. 

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The main tip for the raids is not to collect the loot if the rewards do not contain the token the players are looking for. Raiders will just need to keep running raids and not collecting the rewards until they roll the token piece they are looking for. The restriction will only activate if the loot rewards are collected after finishing a circle. This is why prioritizing which item piece to go for first is important as it allows players to make the most out of their time. Regardless of the class used to clear the circles, the tokens can be exchanged for any piece of any armor set. Here is the list of where players can acquire specific tokens:

  • Asphodelos: The First Circle – two Unsung Helm of Asphodelos, two Unsung Rings, and one of either the Gauntlets, Armor, Chausses, or Greaves.
  • Asphodelos: The Second Circle – two Unsung rings, and one of eqch of Helm, Gauntlets, Armor, Chausses, and Greaves
  • Asphodelos: The Third Circle – two Unsung Armor, two Unsung Chausses, two Rings, and one of both Helm and Gauntlet
  • Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle – two Unsung Armor, two Chausses, two Rings, and one of both Gauntlet and Greaves

After obtaining these tokens, players can exchange them for raid gear with Mylenie in Labyrinthos or Djole in Radz-at-Han. Each armor set will require one head, body, hands, legs, feet, ring, bracelets, necklace, and earring equipment to be completed, so players have a lot of raiding to do. 

It takes a lot of planning and time to acquire the desired Limbo Armor that players want. However, acquiring these armor sets looks great and will look good while being worn. Earn FFXIV gil in style by equipping the Warrior of Light with Asphodelos’ Limbo Armor.

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