Top 6 Features of Best Retail ERP Software

Every retail store operates its business in different ways. However, one of the vital enterprise technologies needed for retail businesses is ERP software. Retail is one of the fast-paced industries with fluctuating customer needs. To survive your business in this cutthroat competition, you need to implement technologically advanced ERP systems. A custom-built ERP will help you to achieve long-term and short-term business goals. You can simplify regular transactions and streamline your business operations. But, how do you find the best ERP for the retail industry? Check out these high-end features in your chosen ERP software.

A built-in accounting system-

With the integrated accounting systems, you can easily identify the number of funds owed to the suppliers. Thus, you can learn about accounts payable by accessing the software dashboard.

With the implementation of the retail ERP system, you can avoid errors and duplicate invoices, as there is no manual data entry. Moreover, you may track discounts, increase the productivity level, and develop a strong supplier relationship. 

The feature-rich ERP for retail industry is also available with accounting features, including multi-currency and landed-cost. The software can track the import duty, freight charges, and insurance. Thus, to ensure the growth of your global retail business, you need to have an ERP platform.

Manage your multi-channel orders

The savvy customer always desires a frictionless and fast buying process. When you make sales through different channels, you need to have a centralized platform. You may sell products online and offline. Thus, your ERP system is the best platform where you can manage your sales.

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The reliable ERP has some built-in integrations to manage your eCommerce orders from different channels, like Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, Amazon, and eBay. 

You can do something more than downloading orders. For instance, you can make real-time updates of your inventory levels and add relevant details to the channels.

An integrated system to manage warehouse– 

Order fulfillment and warehouse management- these are two major factors to reduce errors and processing costs. It is essential to move products out of your warehouse for order fulfillment. 

The innovatively designed ERP with a reliable warehouse management system helps you with barcode scanning. Furthermore, you will have a track of the returned inventory and inventory counts. A comprehensive ERP system helps you to manage the sales order, inventory, purchase and supply, and customer service. Thus, you can minimize the shipping time and decrease the processing cost.

PoS integrated with ERP

An ERP integrated with a POS system provides you with several benefits. As a retail owner, you easily co-ordinate front-office and back-office processes using the ERP software. A front-end ERP can calculate sales, adjust inventory, and identify delivery charges. Thus, you can look for retail ERP systems that present you with this feature.

An integrated CRM system– 

Customers are the most important targets of your retail business. A uniquely designed ERP has a customer management module to help you in maintaining relationships with customers.

The software can record emails, call notes, and orders of every customer. Moreover, you can have a view of the history of your relationship with that customer. Based on the customer interactions and order history, you can provide better customer service. 

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As the software integrates both supplier and customer, you may customize the marketing program. Besides, you can find upsell and cross-sell opportunities. In addition, you will gain clarity on your customer’s identity by using the ERP software.

Hybrid retail functionality

Does your retail business have engaged multiple vendors? There is a hybrid retail ERP software advantageous to both wholesalers and retailers. You can find out the customers’ order history and build relationships with them. It will be easy for you to reach your retail business goals.

Are you looking for the best ERP for your retail business? It may be challenging to choose the right software for their needs. You can rely on the retail ERP software by ControlERP, as it is highly customizable and includes all the essential features. From inventory to sales management, everything becomes easy with this software. You will gain benefits from workflow automation by implementing this software. You may find several ERP vendors for retail businesses. However, ControlERP has provided a quality product for its clients.

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