Top 5 Must-Have Motorcycle Gear

If you’ve been thinking of getting a motorcycle for yourself, then here’s a sign for you to finally make that purchase!

Motorcycles are the perfect addition to an adventurer’s life, as they make traveling all the more exciting. They’re versatile vehicles that are perfect for both the city (you can twist around traffic with ease) as well as for the countryside. 

But motorcycles are known for getting a bad rep and are often labeled as dangerous and risky. But the truth is that they’re only dangerous if you don’t have the right motorcycle gear with you.

Here are 5 must-buy pieces of motorcycle gear that will make your riding experience safe and fun. For the best purchases, make sure to check out reviews. If you’re looking for a suggestion, the Rider’s Market reviews motorcycle gear really well! 

5 Must-Have Motorcycle Gear

  1. Helmet 

A helmet is the first and most important piece of gear one should buy, and you should never ride your motorcycle, even for a short distance, without a helmet. Did you know that statistics and studies show that helmets reduce the chance of fatality by 37% and head injuries by 69%? Helmets can often be the one thing between life and death if you ever get into an accident. When purchasing a helmet, make sure to get one that securely fits around your skull as well as your face and jaw. A full-face helmet with a protective visor is the best option out there, as it gives you full-frontal protection and makes sure you’re as safe as can be. 

  1. Apparel (Jackets and Gloves)
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If you’re going to be riding your motorcycle to its full capacity, then you need to have the appropriate apparel as well. Having motorcycle gloves and a jacket is necessary. Motorcycle gloves are specially created with thick materials that provide a strong grip on the handles and keep your hands from getting injured. When buying gloves, go for ones that have ample protection over the knuckles and are comfortable to wear and steer in. They should be warm since the cold air you’re exposed to can hurt your hands. Similarly, jackets are also made with special materials and have technical features that not only protect you from the elements of nature but also help soften the blow in case of an accident. 

  1. Knee Guards 

Other than your head, your legs can also take a lot of damage in case of a crash. Just like when you fall while riding a bicycle, your knees tend to absorb a lot of the impact and tend to get scraped and badly bruised. The skin on your knees is also prone to blisters. So proper knee guards are a must. Similar to buying apparel, make sure that your knee guards are waterproof and damage-resistant. They should be able to take a significant amount of impact without breaking the skin. They should also fit your knees and thigh area well since ill-fitting knee guards will fail to serve their purpose. 

  1. Protection Parts 

Just like how one can purchase additional parts and accessories for cars, you can do the same with motorbikes as well. If you have a motorcycle or you’re planning to get one, make sure to have protection accessories installed. These include handguards that keep your hands safe from debris and wind, skid-plates that prevent underside damage, frame sliders that keep the vulnerable parts of a motorcycle protected, and more. Not only will these accessories help keep you safe and protected from intense injuries, but they will also help keep your bike in one-piece if you ever do get into a crash or vehicular accident. 

  1. GPS
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Unless you have a love for the retro, maps are pretty much useless. Instead, we have the GPS, which is a must on all motorbikes. On days when you decide to go for a long drive or an off-trail exploration, these devices will make sure that you know exactly where you’re heading. Nowadays GPS devices are highly advanced and you can preload them with directions for your drive as well as your return. They even have voice command options so that you can focus on the road, and not have to stare at a screen. However, alternatively, you can also purchase an attachable mobile stand for your motorbike and use the GPS application on it. 

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