Top 12 Best Ways To Earn Money Online From Home

Hey, do you wants to earn money online from home without any investment then you are in the right place. We all want to earn money because money plays an important role in our life. Without money, we can’t live well. Nowadays there are 1000+ ways are available by which you can earn money online from your computer through the internet. In this post, I will tell you the 12 best ways to make money online from home. So let’s discuss the best money making method.

Top 12 Ways to Earn Money Online From Home

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very good way to generate a good amount of money online. Before to affiliate marketing method you have to know what affiliate marketing is. Actually affiliate marketing is promoting someone’s product online to generate some sell and after sell generate you make some commission that’s it.

So if you don’t have any product to sell online you can simply apply for some good affiliate company and start promoting a product online.

After join the affiliate company you get a unique link, you have to promote the link via social media, paid ads, and many more.

2. Blogging

I love Blogging because it is one of the ways to earn money online. you can make a good amount of money online from your home by simply doing some online work. There are many free platforms are available where you can easily create your free blog online. According to me, WordPress is one of the best platforms to create a free blog online. Here is a detailed guide on how to create a blog for free in WordPress.

I am telling you to create your blog or website in WordPress because you can get a lot of free themes and plugin to give an attractive look at your site.

Remember that blogging takes some time to rank and make a good amount of money from it. So be patient work continue on your blog and always try to do batter SEO of your blog.

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3. Earn Money As A Writer

Are you love to write something or may bethink about it then it can be a great option for you. If you love to write anything then try your hobby into a profession. Nowadays most of the blogger or website owner faces good writer problem. So it can be a great opportunity for you.

You can simply charge to write any article it can be per word or per 500+ words or 1000+ words or you can arrange it according to your own.

4. YouTube

Nowadays Youtube is very very trending because of the pandemic situation. Many people lost their job and they want to come on Youtube. So YouTube is another very good video platform provided by Google which is open to all. It is the best place to show your talent and make a good amount of money online.

To work on youTube simply create an account, to create an account you need a Gmail account. After creating your account just record any kind of video and upload it on your YouTube account.

To monetize your recorded video by google adsense there are some rules for example

  1. No Copywrite content are not allowed.
  2. Your YouTube channel must have 1000+ subscribers.
  3. Your uploaded video content must have a 60,000 hour watch time.

5. Create Any Online Course

Are you expert on any topic then you can easily create some online course and sell them online and set price according to you. You can easily earn extra money by selling some simple online course.

You can simple create an online course and create some best video for your course and start selling your course online.

You can find many online platforms where you can upload your course and can sell online or you can do it own.

6. Domain Flipping

Domain flipping is actually buy and sell domain online. You cannot imagine how much money you can generate from domain flipping. Just you have to pick up the right domain which may sell for future.

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Always try to catch the trending keyword to get sell very easily. If you can choose the right domain then you can make more than 5Lakh from 500Rs domain.

There are many free platforms are available online where you can buy the domain and these company also help you to sell the domain online and they charge a small amount of money after generate sell.

7. Earn Money As a Freelancer

Freelancing is a great way to make money online. Freelance is online platforms where all of the World people participate online. In these platforms, if you want to work then you can take a project from the site and after complete your project you can simply submit it on the site. After proper validations, your payment gets approved.

In the freelancing site you can accept project according to your expertise field it can be writer, web designer, data entry, app creater, graphics designer and many more.

8. Create a Coupon Site

Here is the very well known common and very searchable word is coupon because when we going to buy any online product we always try to save money that’s why we search for coupon code.

If we get any coupon code then we get some discount when we buy the product. So you can create a simple coupon website which provide different product coupon code and try to linkup with that company. They may offer you a commission when someone use your specific coupon code provided by you.

9. As a designer or developer

The last but not least way is make money as a designer or developer. If you are web designer or graphics designer or any designer or developer then you can make good amount of money online by simply design a website or redesign a old website or design any graphics photo or any social media banner or poster.

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If you are a APP developer or designer then also make good amount of money by simply create an app. There are many company want a good app developer and they provide very good amount for a simple app.

10. Sell Your Own Product Online

If you are shop owner and want to increase your sell then you can go for it. There are many platforms like Amazon may help you to go online and they can charge a small amount of money when your product sell.

You can simply sell 50Rs product online at Rs150. One of the most advantages is there are no bidding because of that you can sell the product at very profitable price.

Also you can simply create an online ecommerce store and upload your own product and sell them. You can simply create an online store at rs 5000 only.

11. Buy And Sell Website

It is one of the very good way to make some extra income without any work. Just you have to pick some good website and have to buy the site at low price if possible the sell them at high price.

You may think that I purchase at low price and sell at high price how it is possible. If you want to sell them at high price then you have to work on the site for example

  1. Make some good backlink
  2. Try to rank some keyword in Search Engine.
  3. Do some SEO on-page and off-page both

And more options available to rank any site. After that you can sell them at high price.

12. Make Money through Monetization

If you are blog owner or any kind of website owner or any app owner then this options is for yours. After generate some good amount of traffic and after publish some post you can apply for monetizations.

There are many web platforms are available just like Google Adsense which can monetize your blog.

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